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This is the time of year we take our cool weather clothing out of the closet, which also a makes it a good time to keep vein treatments under wraps. Because some treatments can cause minor bruising and or swelling around the treatment sites, you will find it easy to hide under your cool weather clothing while the treatment area heals. Your fall/winter wardrobe also serves to protect the treatment area from direct sun exposure, which can go far in improving your results.


Vein treatments require you to wear compression stockings before and after your procedure. These special socks reduce swelling and promotes healing to the treated areas. Compression stockings come in a wide range of colors and styles making them easy to coordinate with your wardrobe and are available for purchase in the office when you are a patient in our clinic. However, they can be rather warm during the summer months. Waiting until fall/winter to wear those stockings can make for a more comfortable recovery process!


The process can take some time, you won’t see full results of your treatment immediately because often the veins are treated from the inside out. The veins are collapsed so they can be gradually, over time, be reabsorbed by the body. Often, there is more than one source to your varicose veins, therefore requiring more than one treatment session to achieve full results. Treatments are usually scheduled a few weeks apart to allow for healing of the treated vein before the next procedure is performed. So, when choose to start your vein treatments now, you will likely be enjoying full results by the time spring and warmer weather comes around. Your legs will thank you, feel better and look better for the spring warm weather!


You are not a number at our local, privately owned Pueblo Vein Center. We offer personalized care and customized treatment options that allow us to tailor your procedure to your specific situation. All our procedures are performed in our office involving only a specialist copay per procedures as opposed to a higher outpatient surgical center copay per procedure. This saves you MONEY. You are sure to see the best possible results from what we help you determine will suit your needs appropriately.


Why not start today by investing in your health and feeling better before the summer arrives? You will be ready and looking forward to the warm weather season next year after your vein treatment to get into those warm weather clothes and expose your new legs.

Take care of your legs this winter so you don’t have to hide your legs away next summer! Give yourself the treatment you deserve to eliminate those unattractive, uncomfortable veins for good. Whether you need varicose vein removal or spider vein treatment,  find out which vein treatment option is the right one for you, contact Pueblo Vein Center, the longest serving vein center in Pueblo since 1999.

Author Ruth Drury Ruth Drury (RVT) has been practicing Vascular Ultrasound since 1996. In 2012 Ruth moved from a large Vascular Surgery practice in her home state of Michigan to Australia where she practiced Vascular Ultrasound. In 2016 Ruth found herself stateside again, and happily treating clients at the Pueblo Vein Center.

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