Varicose veins (a.k.a. “spider veins”) are small blood vessels that are red, purple, and/or blue that twist and turn. They are easily visible through the skin, making them almost impossible to cover up with makeup. They are typically visible on the legs and face. 

For varicose veins in the legs, we offer safe, effective, and fast laser treatment that will drastically reduce the appearance of the unwanted spidery webs.

Forget painful treatments and long recovery times, laser vein removal uses energy to destroy the blood vessel which is then absorbed back into the body. Patients describe the sensation as a light snapping sensation on the skin.

Sessions usually take 30-60 minutes depending on the veins being treated. Sometimes, two to three sessions are required for the desired results. There is no downtime and you may resume all normal activities immediately after treatment. Results will begin to show a few days after treatment and will continue to improve for the following six weeks. For more information or to request an appointment, give us a call today!

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At the Pueblo Vein and Aesthetic Center, treatment of unsightly veins that are not covered by insurance is customized to the patient and veins.

The different types of unsightly veins include:

  • Telangiectasias or Spider Veins – these are the smallest diameter
  • Venuelectasias – these are the next biggest, bluish veins that have weakened the skin and often protrude thru the skin surface (but not large ropy varicose veins)
  • Reticular Veins – these are the next biggest greenish veins deeper under the skin. Often they are not the ugliest veins, but they are the feeder veins to the more superficial complexes. These also can cause aching when enlarged.

Since there are different types of veins, in many different locations (treating the thigh is different than treating the ankle), a variety of treatment options will produce the best results.

The first treatment usually includes more Sclerotherapy with Asclera (Polidocanol) and move toward laser treatment with 1064um wavelength.

Spider veins don’t put your health at risk, but they can still be a big source of embarrassment for many people. Gary E. Lane, MD, FACS and Renee Lane, MS, RN, ANP, at Pueblo Vein Center in Pueblo, Colorado, understand the impact spider veins have on your appearance and offer two highly effective treatments: minimally invasive sclerotherapy and noninvasive laser treatment with the Cutera Xeo® laser system. To learn more about spider vein removal, call Pueblo Vein Center or book an appointment online today.

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Sclerotherapy is a treatment widely used to effectively eliminate varicose and spider veins. During this procedure, a sclerotherapy solution will be injected directly into the unwanted vein which irritates the lining of the blood vessel and causes it to collapse, clot, and eventually be reabsorbed by the surrounding tissue. This process forces the body to redirect blood to healthier, more capable veins, causing the unwanted veins to fade away. The sclerotherapy procedure is performed with a fine needle and small amounts of sclerosing solution.

The effectiveness of sclerotherapy can be seen within a few weeks of the initial treatment, with some patients occasionally reporting that it took up to a month to see visible results. The number of treatments you may need will depend on the severity of your varicose and spider veins as well as your desired appearance. Individual treatment plans vary and can be discussed with your doctor at your consultation. On average, patients receive three to four treatments to clear or improve the condition of those unwanted veins.

There are a few medications used, but the most common is Asclera (Polidocanol). The strength of the medications is adjusted for the size of the veins being treated

Coolglide 1064um Laser Treatment – This is the best wavelength of laser to target veins visible through the skin surface. This wavelength of laser easily passed through the skin surface, and therefore is safe for all skin types. The hand piece for this laser is cooled, so the pulses of the laser are comfortable.

Spider veins Q and A

Am I at risk for developing spider veins?
Spider veins tend to be hereditary, so your risk is higher if others in your family have them.

Other common causes of spider veins include:

  • Heredity: Spider veins tend to be hereditary, so your risk is higher if others in your family have them.
    Other common causes of spider veins include:

    • Inactivity
    • Age

    You’re more likely to develop spider veins as you get older, possibly due to age-related changes that weaken valves or vein walls.

  • Hormones: Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and menopause can dilate veins and weaken vein walls and valves.
  • Sunlight: The warmth from sunlight dilates small veins near your skin’s surface, which may cause spider veins.