At the Pueblo Vein Center, we believe that every person’s experience with us should be enjoyable and produce the desired results.  To achieve this, we provide personalized care and attention to ensure that our patients’ needs have been met or exceeded. This not only improves the patient’s experience, but the results of their treatment as well. With that said, we take great pride in what we do and the care we provide to our patients. 

Read below to see what our patients have to say about their experiences with the Pueblo Vein Center. 

Patient Testimonials

My experience with Pueblo Vein Center was great! Dr. Lane and his staff offer state-of-the-art treatment, along with an exceptional level of care and consideration for their patients’ comfort.  Five stars!
-Linda Tomky

Thank u so very much for being such awesome people!!! I’ve never been so pleased with a Dr. And his staff. Thanks to Ruth, she was a god send!!!! I don’t what I would have done with out her!!! She is excellent at what she does and goes beyond all expectations!!!! As far as I’m concerned she saved my life!!!!!!!! I thank God for people like her!!!! What a blessing she was!!! Kendra was great also the hand massage was fantastic. I swear what ever she did worked, what an awesome lady!!!!! And then there’s the wonderful fantastic Dr. Lane!!!! What an awesome Dr. He is so ….,. Can I find the words???? Wow he is the best Dr. I have had in a long time!!! His work is fantastic, it was an excellent experience. Very positive the hole time!!!! I’ve had excellent results​!!!!! I’m so pleased!!!! I don’t think thank u is enough!!!! So I send u God’s blessings!!!!! All of u including the staff who was also great!!!! Thank u so much!!!! U all are in my prayers always! Thanks again for such a great experience u are all terrific!!!!!!}
-Renee Shimanek

I had a wonderful experience at the Pueblo Vein Center! The staff was very friendly and professional and the results were amazing. I had a two hour drive to get to my appointments and they tried hard to work with my schedule. I would highly recommend the Pueblo Vein Center!
-Angela Graber

When I went to Pueblo Vein Center, I was experiencing pain in the lower part of my legs. I had swollen and painful veins going up the front of my legs. They tested me and found I was a good candidate for their procedure. After 5 or 6 treatments I no longer had pain or swelling in my legs and they looked 10 years younger. I’m so glad I found Pueblo Vein Center and Dr. Lane and their great staff.
-Kathy Marsh

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